Birth Parent Services

• Counseling at no cost for you and/or your family
• Help with planning for financial needs including Medicaid and WIC Assistance
• Assistance with the hospital plan
• Matching with adoptive parents
• Legal adoption services at no cost to you
• Placement with adoptive parents
• Post-adoption counseling
• Post-placement services including information on your child

Placing Your Child With The Right Family

• We do an evaluation of each family, including extensive interviews with each family member and visits to their home to see where your child will sleep, play, and grow.
• We gather at least 3 references, along with various checks of their background, including any criminal arrests or child abuse reports.
• We require that all our families be committed Christians who are involved in a church that your child will attend.
• We require that our adoptive families attend adoption training. This training discusses the difficult choice that is made by you as a birth parent and how to share the adoption story in the future by telling your child what a loving and unselfish choice you made.
Description of Services
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