Unplanned Pregnancy?

A Message of Hope

If you are overwhelmed or thinking about abortion, you are not alone. We are here to talk anytime--early or late in the pregnancy. We will explain about the adoption process and how we can help whether you are a teen, a dad, a family member, or anyone affected by an unexpected pregnancy or unable to parent a child.

We believe that adoption is an unselfish and loving choice. As a Christian agency, we believe that God, as the Author of Life, has a plan for you and your child. We want to provide an alternative to abortion. We will work with you to find a committed Christian family that can provide a stable, loving and hope-filled life for your child. You will have options such as choosing the adoptive family or having us help you make a decision after listening to your heart's desire for your child.

We realize that making an adoption plan is a difficult and emotionally challenging experience. We are here to listen to your questions and concerns about what lies ahead and give you support in your decisions.

Our commitment to you does not end with the birth and adoption. Our services remain available to you as long as you need our help. You will also have options as to whether or not you want information and pictures of your child, whether or not you choose to stay in regular contact with the adoptive family through our agency, or whether or not your child can locate you in years to come.
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